Please watch the following short video on how to complete all Pre-Orientation tasks on the App Portal. In this video we will show you how to:

  1. Upload ID

  2. How to confirm Subject selection

  3. Upload the final report

What's the difference between the final and latest report?
The final report is the end of year report that is used to validate if your child has passed or failed the year and if they are therefore eligible to get into the grade that they’ve applied for at UCT Online High School.

The latest report is a term/other report that does not indicate whether your child has passed or failed the year.

In the App Portal we first ask for your latest report. You can submit a latest or final report at this step.

We then ask for your final report. This must be a final report. If you submitted a final report in the previous step, please upload the final report again.

We are working on improving this process.

All the best!

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